Incinerator issue - summary

The incinerator will now be built and operational by spring 2017. This is disappointing news to all of us who fought this proposal but we did everything possible to present a reasoned argument against the scheme – we just weren’t listened to.

The key details as reported by the Council are:

  1. Financial close was achieved on 30 October 2014 - this means the money has been obtained to enable the scheme to proceed.
  2. The total debt secured by AmeyCespa (the owner and operator) is just under £320 million – with just under half being supplied by the European Investment Bank. The remainder was provided in equal amounts by the Green Investment Bank, Nord LB, KFW, Siemens and SMBC.
  3. The plant started taking waste in 2017.

Marton cum Grafton Parish Council, together with the Parish Councils’ Group, thank everyone for their fantastic support, both financial, attending meetings and demonstrations and many other ways over the last four years.

We are sorry that we were not successful in defeating this scheme, but the Council Executive was determined to go ahead regardless of the arguments against.

We did all we could to oppose the planning application and to seek independent scrutiny of the financial case. The Council refused to listen and declined to even convene their own Audit Committee to provide financial assurance.

We have sought assistance from the District Auditor, The Local Government Ombudsman and the Minister for Local Government (Eric Pickles) – each with no success.

This brings the fight to an end – it will now open in 2017 and, as rate payers, we will start paying the enormous sums that this scheme will require over the next 25 years through our Council Tax and further, deeper cuts to public services.

Finally, there may be some opportunity to gain some financial benefit for village projects from the section 106 fund.


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